Other services


Wide range of services

When a disaster occurs, you can not choose what is damaged.

We do not decide all that will be done to find our home or our local before the disaster.
To help you erase the traces of any kind of disaster, sinister Solution Group offers a wide range of services, including here’s a preview:

• landscaping and tree service;
• paving, paving stones, masonry;
• moisture control;
• odor control;
• Installation and repair of drains and sewers;
• Cleaning dryer ducts;
• installation and repair of roofing shingles and elastomeric membranes;
• renovation and restoration of old plaster walls and cornices;
• repairing foundation cracks, lifting and building foundation casting;
• reproduction antique moldings and baseboards;
• restoration of furniture and antique clocks, stuffing;
• flooring;
• exterior cladding;
• Content Packaging service;
• storage service;
• laundry and dry cleaning, leather coat, suede and fur;
• thermal camera service;
• Relocation Service (input and output);
• Interior building cleaning and outside;
• Content cleaning and detailed inventory (recoverable and unrecoverable) (e);
• Content replacement service with the insured (we place the frames on the walls!);
• Use specialized equipment (dehumidifiers, fans, ozone, fumigator, with PTE air purifier filter).

For all your work
Because we also offer services of construction and renovation, all these services can be booked for other projects as cleaning and disaster restoration.